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26 Oct

Sometimes you get press packs and  you’re, like, “Really? A press release and a branded USB stick? How exciting.”

But sometimes you get a press pack that makes you leap up onto your desk and shout “Woohoo! Look at what I got, suckers!” at everyone in your office because it is so awesome.

Last week I was sent a gigantic picnic basket for KFC’s #alittlebitoffancy campaign. It’s to celebrate their new fancy eggs benedict breakfast: Smoked chicken on an English muffin, a poached egg, with a delicious hollandaise sauce. Sound yum? You bet it does! And fancy, too. Doesn’t get better than that.

The basket [which is rad itself and will be v useful for future picnics] included juice, bubbly [and glasses! Nice touch, KFC!], English muffins, Hollandaise sauce, yummy snacks like nuts, dried fruit, fruit crisps, and fruit jellies, and beautifully iced biscuits in a pretty box! It was super amazing and SC and I did not hesitate to have a breakfast-for-dinner picnic in our living room, while watching An Idiot Abroad.

Such a cool idea, and who doesn’t love eggs benedict? Thanks, KFC. Everyone needs #alittlebitffancy, I believe. I’m a big fan of the fancy.




Chocolate and Wine at Waterford

8 Jul

SC and I decided we needed to treat ourselves/get out of the city/do something we don’t often do/indulge this weekend. So we did all of those things in one!

We went for a chocolate and wine tasting at Waterford Estate in Stellenbosch. They have several options, ranging from a simple wine tasting to a tasting which includes a tour of the farm. They are also well-known for their chocolate and wine pairing tastings. We went for the wine and chocolate and wine tasting. That is, tasting five wines, and thereafter another three, which are paired with chocolate.

It was such a lovely day. At 1pm we took a leisurely drive out to Stellenbosch. It was a gorgeous, crisp, sunny winter’s day with remnants of the rain on Friday. The drive itself is beautiful, and the estate grounds are simply glorious! Rolling lawns, lanes lined with massive old trees, and a building that looks like you just stepped into Florence [or something- I’ve never been to Florence so don’t take my word for it].

We grabbed a seat by the window to enjoy some afternoon sun. I’m not as much of a white wine fan as I am red, but Waterford’s white wines are delicious! The blanc de noir and chardonnay are delicious [we even bought a bottle of the blanc de noir- it is the most exquisite colour]. Their cabernet sauvignon was good, too, although I much prefer their whites. As for the chocolate and wine pairing: You get board with details of the chocolate and wine printed on it. Three wines, three chocolates. You have them left to right and you take a sip of wine first, followed by a bite of chocolate, and then wine again.

A masala chai dark chocolate is served with a shiraz. This chocolate has so many different flavours, from a spiciness that almost reminded me of biltong, to cinnamon and cloves, it stayed interesting from start to finish. Thereafter it’s the cabernet sauvignon with rock salt dark chocolate. I love dark chocolate with salt, and I thoroughly enjoyed their cabernet sauvignon! Lovely to have after dinner, I’d imagine. Lastly we had their dessert wine paired with rose geranium chocolate. Oh. My. Goodness. We thought it odd when the man serving us said some people thought it tasted like Zoo Biscuits. But it totally does! The dessert wine is absolutely delicious, and the chocolate is a smooth, milky chocolate that tastes like turkish delight and Zoo Biscuits. If I weren’t trying to get in shape for our wedding, I would have bought 6 slabs of the stuff. [You can buy wine at the estate, as well as the chocolate, which goes for R50 per slab.]

Afterwards we took a stroll around, followed by a drive around Stellenbosch where I showed SC some of my favourite hang out spots, where I had my classes, the res I stayed in, my old horse riding club, and other sights from my varsity life.

I definitely think getting out of the city is something we should do more often. Of course I cannot wait till we’re married and living together and are able to go away for the weekend together! If you’re keen for some gorgeous surrounds, and a little indulgence, try Waterford.

Goodbye, Miss K Food. Sadface.

3 Jul

Last week, I saw a tweet that just about broke my heart.

Miss K, also known as “some of the best eggs benedict of your life” was closing!

It was a tragic kind of panic, and I knew we had to go visit one last time. So I called up The Gays, and of course they were game for Brunch.

Coffee. Always.

So good. I mean, sure, the iPhone might be doing funny things to the colours and texture. But you just don’t know how good it is!

Oh, and Lindt white hot chocolate. Starve yourself for a few days if you must. It’s worth it.*

All gone.

It was a sad day. But it was one of the more satisfying goodbyes I’ve ever had.

Goodbye, Miss K! We will miss you.

And now- suggestions for the second best eggs benedict in Cape Town, please.

*Totes kidding. Eating disorders are very serious things and I do NOT advocate unhealthy living in any way, including over-/under eating.

Cook This: Salt and Pepper Baby Squid

2 Jul

We love to cook. And I mean actually cook- we hardly ever do ready-made, microwave meals. SC and I also meet for lunch every day. We go to his place and either make sarmies or a salad, and we chill out for a few minutes. This part of my day is so important as it gives me a chance to step out of the office, unwind, and get my energy back, and I get to spend time with my fiance. Eating at home is also much healthier, and it costs less.

Believe it or not, SC does a lot [if not most] of the cooking. Every night we’re in the kitchen together, cooking up something healthy [mostly] and delicious [always].

Since he is so often the one that does all the cooking, I decided this weekend I would take over the kitchen and cook for him. He was not allowed to come into the kitchen. Just sit on the couch, keep me company, and chill out with some wine.

I found two recipes I was dying to try, and this is the first.

After a busy morning of brunch with The Gays, then Vida coffee with The Gays, Neighbourgoods Market for coffee with my cousin, and a lot of running around and cursing Cape Town drivers, I was quite excited to curl up with wine, a blanket, good food, and Amelie [the film, not a lesbian lover]. For this, I made Sam Linsell‘s salt and pepper baby squid.

This recipe is ridiculously easy. Trust me when I say it’s impossible to get this wrong.

I got some baby squids from Ocean Jewels. Julie is a SASSI participant so she only sells fish what is not on the SASSI red list [read more here], and has been fished responsibly/sustainably in the False Bay area. There are so many reasons to support her by only buying fish from her. I tweeted her to ask for some baby squids and she brought them to Neighbourgoods Market where I picked them up. Easy as comforting fish pie.

All you need to do is put your baby squids in a plastic packet with some flour, salt, pepper, and spices like paprika or chilly [if you want], shake it all around, and then fry them in oil. Literally. That’s it! And they are super duper delicious and crunchy.

Sam also has a home-made mayonaise recipe on her site. For the squid, add some lemon juice, chillies, lime, and coriander to the aioli.

I still cannot believe how easy this recipe was. And, of course, delicious. An easy, yummy addition for future platters of bread and cheese and cold meat and such, methinks!

I’m no foodie, or food stylist. So for the full post, with mouth-watering pictures, go to Drizzle and Dip.

Date Night at Rick’s Cafe Americain

26 Jun

Last night, I wanted to take SC out for dinner to thank him for being so super amazing.

We took a while to decide where to go, and eventually headed to the V&A Waterfront, specifically to have mussels at a place which [allegedly] does amazing mussels. There is a “red tide” happening at the moment, so no mussels for us. I felt bad, but since I had gone there specifically for the mussels, I simply couldn’t stay [although I shall be back!]. Stupid red tide. 

The second place, which was nearby, was the newly opened Cape Town branch of a Parkhurst restaurant I love. We sat down, and only a few minutes after looking at the menu [and after ordering water] did it emerge that this place did not have a liquor license. They mentioned that we could go buy a bottle of wine next door, and followed this suggestion with the fact that the bottle store had already closed for the day. People, it’s DINNER. There are candles, and couples, and it’s freezing outside. Assume customers are not teetotalers, and might want to warm up with a glass of red. Or just think logically, and mention this to them as they walk in.

So we left, because we really wanted a glass of wine.

Eventually we ended up at Rick’s Cafe Americain, in Park Street. I had heard good things, and people weren’t lying.

The decor is great and, of course, a nod to Casablanca. Of course. There is a smoking section, if that floats your boat, and all sorts of different sections separated by glass and staircases which create an interesting flow throughout the place. Situated in an old Victorian-style house, the walls are covered in Casablanca posters, tagines stand on display, and best of all, there are fireplaces!

They also make pretty good Gluhwein, which was exactly what I needed/wanted.

The menu has everything from mezze platters and cheese boards to burgers and pasta. There is seafood, comfort food like bratwurst and mash, and meat lovers’ dishes like rib-eye steak and pork fillet. And then are the more interesting dishes such as lamb tagine [complete with almonds, apricots, and cous cous] and even springbok tagine!

SC had the lamb tagine, which was delicious! I rarely have order envy, but wowee did I want to steal all his food. I had beef fillet with roast veg and fries and the most delicious jus I have ever tasted! Initially I ordered kingklip, and I wasn’t entirely happy with it. But the thing is, food isn’t always perfect at restaurants. It happens. It’s how they deal with complaints that matters, in my opinion. Sure, if you have to send every meal back it’s a problem, but it’s worse when sending food back turns into an awkward situation. Some managers/chefs/waiters get stroppy when you complain. But the waitress and manager were very polite, assured me they were hugely apologetic and I could order something else, checked up on me repeatedly, and so forth. I wasn’t made to feel awkward, and our waitress was friendly, warm, and enthusiastic.

Overall the food was good, the prices were reasonable, and the vibe was great. We loved sitting by the fireplace, and our waitress made the experience quite lovely. And personally, I would go back. For more gluhwein, and some tagine!

Reliving Our Second Date

31 Mar

We’re engaged!

Goodness, it has been a whirlwind two weeks. Bit somewhere amongst the madness of celebrating and planning a wedding, we found time to relive our second date.

Our first date was a bottle of very expensive red wine and crème brûlée at Cafe Paradiso.

But our second date was quite special. It happened almost a year ago, just after we met [29 March 2011], and we decided to relive it last week.

It starts with a beautiful drive from town to Kalk Bay, which includes a good walk to Cafe Olympia, our favourite Kalk Bay spot.

We sit at the window counter while people-watching, enjoy fresh bread with good olive oil and balsamic vinegar, a glass of wine, and great company. This time it included doing some wedding planning.

And then we eat mussels. These are so, so good! I could eat them every day.

The next stop is Simon’s Town. We normally get soft serve but the machine was broken this time.

But that didn’t put us off. We sat on the pier. Last time there were hundreds of tiny jellyfish in the water. This time there was a seal.

From there we go to Smitswinkelbaai, a fascinating town of about 15 houses which is inaccessible by car. You have to park at the top of this cliff and walk down to the town. It has amazing views, and our tradition is to slow dance on the slop of the mountain, overlooking the town and the ocean.

And then to Misty Cliffs for a walk on the beach, followed by chasing each other, and then a teenager-like few minutes of making out on the beach.

And finally, we stop at Chapman’s Peak to take in the view, and appreciate one another.

And then back home.

I look forward to sixty autumns of this.

Johannesburg Zoo

14 Mar

I love the zoo.

I know people are all “it’s cruel to keep animals in cages” but these animals are well looked after and it is never a bad thing having a facility that can educate people on animals. This is the best place for kids to see these creatures, to be awed by their majesty, to learn about animals and nature and to, hopefully, be inspired enough by it all to someday do their best to protect these animals.

Anyway, two cents over! Back to the zoo.

I love it there. Next time I need to spend a whole day there to see all of the animals properly.

We saw Nelly.

Saw this absolute beauty! I assume he’s a Clydesdale and each of his hooves is bigger than my head.

This was just too sweet. There was a pile of lemurs, fast asleep, all holding onto each other! And when they finally woke up they were yawning and blinking slowly and hugging each other! I very nearly died of the cute.

Spectacled bear. Forever alone.

I suspect the lions had just had lunch.

We saw tonnes more. I must go back. Soon.