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Walking to Work in Cape Town

7 Sep

Walked to work for the first time on Monday. COuldn’t do so on Tuesday as had a dress fitting which I had to drive to during lunch, nor Wednesday or Thursday as was in Jo’burg, but did so again today.

The walk is beautiful, quick, and a lovely way to start the day. The weather has also played along beautifully today [not so much Monday and v nearly froze to death].




Wearing flat shoes has never excited me so much!


Meet Keri Miller, World’s Most Awesomest Personal Trainer Ever In the World Ever

11 Jul

A few weeks ago, we got a personal trainer. Her name is Keri, and she’s awesome. We actually knew her from before, but then we somehow got onto the topic of personal training on Twitter, and boom! Keri became my trainer. And then she came up with the genius idea of training both of us! Right? Like, couples’ personal training! I know, we’re sickening.

So far we’ve been for 3 sessions. We go on Mondays and Thursdays at 18h30 [after Keri is done being a celebrity on the radio!] for an hour. Our first two sessions were introductions to the kind of workout we would be doing. I say “introduction”, but they were full-on killer workouts that had my muscles stiff for 2-3 days after. The first session included goals, and questions about your health and lifestyle, weighing, body fat percentage, measurements, and all that uncomfortable stuff. The third one was a fitness, which nearly killed us.

These sessions have been really amazing so far. I’m pretty lucky in that I have always been naturally slim, but because of that I never “needed” to do sport, exercise, or learn anything about nutrition. I just stayed tiny. I’ve learnt a lot about nutrition in the last year or two and I’ve started to eat more and more healthy. Thin does not necessarily equal healthy! Even a healthy body mass does not necessarily mean you’re all that healthy. Moreover, just because I’m small doesn’t mean I’m in good shape. While, being a size 2 [not quite zero, but hey] I may look very good in clothes [I’m trying not to sound arrogant here], my body doesn’t look that great in a swimsuit [for example] because I’m actually not in very good shape.

So this journey of training until our wedding [and continuing thereafter!] will definitely teach us a lot about our bodies, nutrition strength, and more. It will make us fitter, healthier, and stronger. It will make us look better, too! Which is, in truth, just an added bonus.

We’ve taken “before” pictures and I must say I was horrified. Sure, it was taken after a huge meal and in terribly unflattering fluorescent light, but my body looked awful! But this has only made me more determined to work damn hard with Keri at One80 Training. We’ll only be posting these before pictures once we have some “afters” to show with them, though.

It’s only been just over a week, but it feels great. Sure, it’s kind of painful, and sometimes during a workout you might feel slightly ill, but is there anything better than that feeling that your body really worked? Nope, not really. I’m looking forward to getting in tip-top shape by September.

For more One 80, check out their website, “like” their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter.