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Spree S/S 14 Launch

1 Oct

Just after I got back from our amazing trip to Rome and Paris [more on that soon], I was lucky enough to attend the launch of Spree’s S/S 14 Launch, and it was just one of those events that ended up being the perfect way to spend an evening. The evening started with bubbly [always good!], and then several people from Spree spoke to us about the online store, the season ahead, and fashion in general. I was thrilled to hear Chris Viljoen speak, and he took us through several designs currently in store.


After the talking was over, we got to try on the clothes, have our hair and make-up done, and pose for a little photoshoot! I got to wear this interesteing Black Coffee dress, which I wouldn’t normally have picked out for myself but Chris knows his stuff! The heels are Errol Arendz.


I mean, if that isn’t the perfect way to spend a mid-week evening, I don’t know what is. Add to that some delicious snacks, and great women like Bailey and Natalie… I mean! At the end of the night we also walked away with a handbag from Spree, AND a voucher to spend at the store. I chose this beautiful pleated maxi skirt from Cheryl Arthur, and I’m excited to say that the weather seems to finally be getting summery enough for me to give it a spin soon!

I’m really loving the selection on Spree, but especially the local designers! Chris Viljoen is a legend in the local fashion scene so it comes as no surprise, of course.  I’m definitely keen to buy more local designers’ wares, and Spree’s service is excellent: Free delivery, and it’s fast! Plus the team is on hand to help you at the drop of a hat.

Thanks for a great time, Spree! Here’s to future shoppings.


Shimanksy is a Girl’s Best Friend

12 Feb

When one gets invited to lots of events, or one has to attend them for work, it can get tedious. Events become a blur of soggy canapes and too-sweet drinks, people one doesn’t care for and goodie bags that just don’t thrill.

But some events stand out from others. And on Monday I attended one that will stay in my memory forever.

Natalie invited me to be one of a handful girls to spend a night fully enjoying the Shimansky experience.

Upon arriving at the Cape Town Diamond Museum I was handed a glass of bubbles and joined four other girls, including the lovely Emma and Jules on a tour of ‘diamond through the ages’- from when the first diamonds started forming, to the first engagement ring, to the present day’s most impressive jewels.

Once we’d gasped at the replicas of the Cullinan, the Burton Taylor, and more, we found ourselves in the Shimansky store. After an introduction fro Mr Shimansky himself, who is a wonderfully approachable man who radiates a love for beautiful jewels and the pleasure they bring, we were left to enjoy the best night ever.

Stations were set up for all of us, now joined by Misha, Emma, and Fran, to have our nails, hair, and makeup done, all while being fed bottomless bubbly and sushi. Best night ever, right?

But wait, there’s more!

We were also given free rein to try on everything and anything in the shop! Yup, for a few hours all of us were walking around with jewels to the value of R2 million and more on our fingers, around our necks, and in our ears. We were given fur coats and frames with which to pose in the photo booth although, of course, the jewels took centre stage!

Lucky Emma walked away with a diamond she won in a lucky draw! Hers came in a bottle of My Girl, Shimansky’s signature eau de parfum. We were each fortunate enough to walk out with a bottle of the fragrance, which is wonderfully rosey and feminine. It lasts all day and is perfect for summer and those days when one is feeling really girly.

All in all this event was flawless. Every aspect was enjoyable, it was a great mix of people who loved spending time together, and had to be asked to leave because, of course, none of us wanted to extinguish the fantasy by removing those dazzling pieces of jewelry. This will go down in my mind as one of the best events I have ever attended. Moreover, SC got his wedding ring at Shimansky and we had a completely professional and enjoyable experience there so I can definitely recommend them. Their more extravagant pieces are absolutely exquisite and staff were helpful and friendly and even complimented my Tiffany ring!

My Christmas list for this year will not to be modest.

photo 1-1My outfit. I decided to pull out a few stops with Louboutins, a Tiffany bracelet, a Pringle bag. The dress is H&M, for balance.

photo 1The new LBD: Little [actually, not so little] black diamond.

photo 2-1Natalie with her props.

photo 2Getting my make-up done by a lovely girl from Namibia hoping to break into the film industry with her makeup skills.

photo 3-1When things are so shiny you camera struggles to focus on them? That.

photo 3

This rock is so big it looks almost comical on my fingers. Love. My nails were done at the event in a gorgeous OPI shade that is a deep plum, almost black.

photo 4-1

Emma trying on Tanzanites. Did you know they were only discovered in 1967? I learnt that from a Shimansky employee.

photo 4Getting my hair done by a wonderful Scar stylist.

photo 5Ooh la la! The final pose.


My gorgeous new fragrance. Similar to Gucci Envy, which I love.



These are a few of my favourite things!

5 Feb


Louis Vuitton, and Paris.

See you in September, Paris. Can’t wait.

The Childhood Project

3 Jan

For Christmas I got a BICYCLE! Yup, it’s just like when you up when you were a little kid and there was a shiny new bike, complete with training wheels and, if you were a girl, pink pom-pom things off the handlebars, and a basket.

For my tenth birthday [if I recall the age correctly], the usual ‘wake up and find presents at the foot of my bed’ was replaced with being told to walk down the hallway to the kitchen to go see my present. It was a bicycle. I had never, ever mentioned wanting one. I had never expressed the desire to have one, or do anything with a bicycle. I felt so guilty, feigning excitement, while on the inside I was going “Why on earth did you guys get me a bicycle?” I suppose the reason was that it was just the done thing: Kids learnt to ride a bicycle at a certain age, and kids wanted a bicycle at some point in their lives.

The problem was that I wasn’t overly excited about- or interested in learning to ride the thing. The bigger problem was that I turned my nose up at what I wasn’t naturally very good at. I got through music exams and school exams  without opening a book, and with very impressive results. I did horse riding every day, a combination of enjoying it and being good at it. But things I didn’t take to with ease did not interest me, especially having a fair amount of “things” at which I was naturally, effortlessly good.

I’m sounding very braggy right now- I promise this all has a point.

Even less appealing than having to actually practice something just to get the gist of it, was the idea that, in the process, I would be repeatedly humiliated. Falling off was one thing. Having my mother run next to me holding the handlebars of my bicycle steady was quite another. Of course the best place to try learn was in the street [completely flat and mostly very quiet in the small Mpumalanga town where I grew up], meaning having to endure all of this in plain view of others, well aware of their puzzled head-scratching, wondering how it was that a child of ten had not yet learned to ride a bike, and seemed to be unable to do it.

I lost interest fairly quickly, and traded that humiliation for having my siblings tease me for the next fourteen years about my disability.

And then, SC bought me the most beautiful Johnny Loco for Christmas! Her name is Vivienne, and she has a bell and she is the fairest bicycle in the land.

photo 2

I had been dreaming of cycling around Cape Town with its oh-so-trendy cycling culture. A woven basket in front, I would cycle to work, to the market to get vegetables and flowers, up and down the Company’s Garden- it was all very chic in my head. But now I had to learn to ride the thing. The hours leading up the lesson were spent rationalising that perhaps some people are just genetically incapable of riding a bike! This was met firmly with “You can stand upright, you can ride a bike”. SC was gobsmacked that I could ride horses without falling off, yet not ride a bicycle. But, as I pointed out, my horses didn’t just randomly fall over!

It took about 40 minutes or so. At first I was snappy and on edge. At some point, I think I just got over myself and pedaled off. It’s embarrassing, really, that it happened like that and that it was as simple as telling a very stubborn mind to just shut up and sit down.

photo 1

Now, this joyous occasion has not only robbed my siblings of their favourite joke, but also got me thinking to the other gaps in my childhood. There are many things I didn’t do! I grew up in a depressing mining town full of racists and kids who I found infinitely unrelatable and in general I preferred the company of myself to anyone else. So things like tennis, which involved other people, didn’t seem appealing. Plus, I didn’t need other sports: I had horse riding. Things like ice skating were far too exotic for Standerton, and the nearest rink was a good three hours away.

But I feel this lesson [in balance, and my own character] has brought about the time to tackle these vast expanses of my formative years, and fill them up. I feel I need to:

  • Play tennis: I have never ever so much as picked up a racquet and hit a tennis ball with it, but I actually think tennis would suit me because Lacoste
  • Learn how to do a cartwheel
  • Learn how to whistle
  • Learn how to ice skate: I was actually recently taken skating by a friend and made huge steps [as in, actually let go of the railing]
  • Watch Cinderella and Snow White [other than that my Disney education is quite complete, and I regularly indulge in my favourites]
  • Dive into a swimming pool: I don’t mean from a diving board, even. I have never dived head-first into a swimming pool. This, however, results from two very bad drowning experiences when I was 2, and then 3. Nonetheless, it must be tackled!
  • Go fishing. Sure I will hate it, but at least I will be able to have an informed opinion of it.
  • Climb a tree [you’re reading this thinking I’m a freak, aren’t you? I have pulled myself up and sat in the low branches of trees, but I’ve never actually climbed one, I feel.]

Another thing most children experience is getting stitches or breaking something. Besides for being born, I’ve never needed to go to a hospital. Besides for my wisdom teeth, which I had removed under local anesthetic , I have all my body parts including tonsils and appendix. Look, I did once suffer a kick from a horse which just about split my ear in half, but it wasn’t stitch-able. But still, it seems another childhood rite I skipped over. Although I could do with keeping it that way.

So there you have it. My chilhood project for 2013! If you’re an expert in any of these things and feel like giving advice, or maybe even teaching me something, let me know. And feel free to add other things that are must-do childhood activities- who knows what I’ve left out!


Couture Christmas

12 Dec

As I mentioned in the Christmas tree post, I never used to be a huge Christmas lover, and now I just SUPER love it!

Have a real Christmas tree has made my year. I love wrapping gifts, I love giving gifts- it just thrills me!

I’m not afraid of cheesy Christmas-ness. And so you can imagine my delight when I saw Charlotte Olympia’s Christmas range. Couture + Christmas? I could just perish with joy!

jingle-bell_v_5dec12_b_426x639Jingle bells shoes. Oh, I would be a-trottin’ all over the house with these!


The best part is the Christmas-y bits of these shoes are removable! So from January-November you just have a pair of really fabulous, non-themed shoes. No one can argue with that.


Just delicious!


I have my eyes on those black shoes and this clear perspex clutch [which comes with a little velvet red/green clutch to put inside]. Hard!


36 Man is Here!

26 Oct

I’ve always liked 36 boutiques. South Africa was in much need of an online shopping platform and while there are others, locally, 36 was a step ahead. It has great brands, an online magazine well worth reading [with seriously beautiful shoots, which show you how to style the stuff in the shop], and great service [like free delivery and returns].

Shopping for me is difficult [and depressing] in South Africa. This is a generalisation, of course, and we have some amazing local designers and we are slowly getting more and more international brands in [hello, Zara!]. But a lot of the time I find the clothes over-priced, the ranges are dismally limited, I struggle to find my size.

But if you think that’s bad, try being a guy in South Africa! I mean, there is just nothing for them. I try go shopping with SC or any of my GBFs and I just want to cry for the man with style in South Africa.

So the arrival of 36 Man is very exciting. The sight looks great and functions much like 36 Boutiques, so no complaints there! I’ve had a look at the stock they have at this stage and there is a really good range of basics, more fun items, and then items that only the super fab man with a masters degree in pulling off difficult looks could wear. So, something for everyone! I know 36 Man is going to come in handy when I’m stuck on what to get SC for his birthday/Christmas/a random just-because-you’re-awesome gift.

Some people have mentioned that it is very similar to Mr Porter, to the point that they feel it is a direct copy. My response to this is that a) that is not a bad thing, b) they’re very much the same thing so yes, well done on that observation, and c) it isn’t really possible to be original in this day and age. So, from my side, all is forgiven, mostly because a local version of Mr Porter can only be a good thing. And even so I don’t think it is offensively similar to Mr Porter.

Some of my favourite items include:

This bow tie from Craig Port.

These brogues from CSquared.

These skinnies from Neuw.

These chinos from Lyle and Scott.

Now to get SC to agree to wear these! Wonder what his favourite pieces are from the site. I sense another blog post coming soon!


Bridalshower Fabulosity

19 Sep

My bridesmaids are amazing. Specifically, in this case, Kazi, who put together the most incredible bridal shower EVER!

We started with a fabulous high tea at the Cape Grace. There were speeches, and everyone shed a tear during my mum’s speech. I opened presents and we sipped champagne and ate a bajillion carbs. Later we went to Asoka for cocktails and snacks, and then worked our way down Long Street, ending up with eating fries and drinking alcoholic milkshakes at Mr Pickwick’s at 2am, after a million R12 shooters at Bob’s Bar. Fun!

Oh, and the theme was Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I was Audrey Hepburn for the day! Id est, I was the most beautiful woman who EVER lived for the day. She is. It’s a fact.

With Mama Unicorn.

Bridesmaids and bride!

Group shot.


The Digitalistas!

High school friends!

Fab bridesmaids.


With my fashion fairy godmother and bridesmaids. Love.