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How To Visit A French Bakery

16 Aug

See you in three weeks, Paris!


25 Random Facts About Me, Before I Turn 25

2 Aug
  1. As a kid, I had a fear of pineapples.
  2. My pinky toe on my left foot grows skew, kind of over the other toe, and when I was little they wanted to amputate it because a doctor said it would hurt me. I said no [OBVIOUSLY! It’s my toe, you sickos!] and so far I’m still alive. Phew!
  3. When I was about two and a half, and then when I was three, I had two really bad drowning experiences. The first was in the pool- I was wearing one of those Bentley belts things [is that what they’re called?]. My sister went inside and as Murphy would have it, I tipped over. The Bentley Belt prevented me from being able to right myself, so I just had to kind of drown until my sister got back [she saved me]. The second time was when this freakishly huge freak wave took me in when I was playing in the teensy little baby waves. A teenage boy tried to save me, but got taken in as well. Eventually his dad and a lifeguard saved us. Obviously this was all fairly traumatising and while I can swim, it’s not exactly anything I’ve pursued further than splashing around to cool down during poolside cocktail hour. Stupid water.
  4. My favourite flowers are tulips. Peonies are a close second.
  5. I’m a maths freak. Not in any useful way, but I can multiply big [ish] numbers in my head. I found this out when I was 11 and I am almost always doing sums in my head.
  6. I learnt to ride a bike on Christmas Day… of 2012.
  7. As a kid, I stuttered really badly. I also couldn’t really cope with people so I had to be taken out of pre-primary school for six months. If you met me now, you’d never guess. What a dud kid I was! Jokes. I was adorable and perfect.
  8. I speak five languages. English, Afrikaans, French, Mandarin, and German.
  9. I did horse riding for thirteen years. I even made the provincial team for show jumping, showing, and equitation on a tiny little thing whose owners wanted to shoot him because he threw their daughter. I miss horse riding every single day of my life, so if you’re in Cape Town and need help with your horses, call me. I will love you forever.
  10. My family and close friends call me Lili [pronounced Lee Lee], which I love. My English teacher in grade five once told me Lize is a fat girl’s name. Humph.
  11. One of the absolute highlights of my life [thus far] was seeing Goya’s black paintings when I was 16 at the Prado Museum in Madrid. I can’t explain it, I was just so moved and overcome with emotion. I will never forget that. We saw an exhibition of his sketches in Prague last year on honeymoon which was also cool, although nothing like the black paintings.
  12. The coolest job I ever had [so far] was being a rugby presenter on TV.
  13. I’m an entrepreneur! I own a CC, and so far it hasn’t made us millions but it’s early days and I’m  confident it will be a success. I’ve also gotten funding for a second business idea I recently pitched and next week, on my birthday, I’m pitching this to the woman who I hope will be my partner. Hold thumbs!
  14. My  favourite songs are Hallelujah [by Jeff Buckley], High and Dry [by Radiohead], and Milk [by Kings of Leon].
  15. I am utterly and completely, absolutely obsessed with Paris. I dream of living there someday with SC and Eponine, and I cannot wait to be there next month.
  16. I have a fear of moths, and I hate birds [except owls].
  17. I am always craving salt and vinegar crisps. Like, at any given moment, if you asked me, I would be in the mood to have salt and vinegar crisps. Even if I have just eaten twenty kilograms of food, or am dying of food poisoning, I will have them. Macarons and champagne are a close second, though far classier.
  18. I can’t do a cartwheel or whistle.
  19. I’m one of five kids: A sister eleven years older than I am, a brother eight years older than I am, and two baby half sisters who are four and five.
  20. My hair has been super long, super short, shaved off, pitch black, snow white, silver, and pink.
  21. I have a tattoo on my left side of Jimi Hendrix lyrics, in his handwriting.
  22. I’ve never broken a bone, and besides for being born I’ve never gone to hospital. Up until recently I’d never had stitches, but then I had a mole removed from my face and got two stitches. IN MY FACE. Hard core.
  23. Up until the age of about fifteen I was going to be a vet. I even used to shadow my horse riding instructor’s father, who was a vet, and I’ve put stitches in a sheep, vaccinated sheep and cows, done blood slides, slaughtered a sheep [after which I took it apart to study all its insides], and did an artificial insemination. Yup, I made a baby cow when I was fifteen.
  24. I always had this theory that I was adopted. Sometimes I still do. See, EVERYONE in my family has dark hair and dark brown eyes. Extended, too. Secondly, my mum was adopted, so she would possibly want to adopt a child too, right? Also, everyone except me got a second name. And while there are pictures of my mum and my siblings in hospital, there are none of me. Not even one! I only come onto the scene at age one or two. Suspicious? Absolutely. And till this day, no one has been able to show me my birth certificate. It’s always missing, or with the other parent. *scratches chin*
  25. I actually do believe that Unicorns exist. For real.

Skiing in Paris

14 Mar

These are a few of my favourite things!

5 Feb


Louis Vuitton, and Paris.

See you in September, Paris. Can’t wait.

Cuff Links: Check. And Check! Which Ones?

1 Aug

SC ordered two sets of cufflinks from over the seas recently, and they have arrived! I love them both. Quirky, like him [think: half-white beard (which is natural, not bleached); brightly coloured sneakers; interesting sense of humour], and fun without being too silly [think: naked women or talking mouths].

Option 1: Red Vespas. Cute, hey? Also perfect for two people who love Vespas, and who are going to Europe on honeymoon [totes taking Paris and Provence by Vespa in October!].

Option 2: Silver paper planes. Still quirky, but slightly less so. Fits in with the “travel” theme of our stationery, though.

Decisions, decisions! Can’t we just get married twice so we can use all the amazing ideas we have stored up?

Which do you like best?

Wedding Nails?

14 Jun

Call me crazy, but I’m not keen to go for a French manicure on my wedding day. They’re very pretty and classy, but when they’re one with fake nails they look pretty trashy in my opinion. But without the fake nails and gel/acrylic, a straightforward nail polish French mani is just so finicky! I generally keep my nails not-too-long, so I thought I’d rather paint them a soft, pretty colour. And this colour would definitely be either Dior or Chanel. These are my favourite nail polishes- they have the best colour, the application is smooth, and Dior especially dries super duper fast. Perfect!

A soft grey, perhaps? Unusual, but pretty!

Something a bit more summery.

Wedding perfect.

Perfect for a spring wedding.

I stumbled upon this Chanel Le Vernis video recently. It’s a nail [and nail varnish] cabaret! I really am liking Jade Rose here. But this video is just something fun and silly to love about a very serious, legendary brand.

Love Apptually

13 Jun

Seeing as SC and I first started talking via Twitter, it made sense that we get a wedding app, right?

I discovered Appy Couple after reading an article on planning weddings online, and I truly think every couple getting married in this day and age should use this.

Basically it’s a free app [by invite only, at the moment] that you download and then you create your very own wedding app.

You can choose your own theme. There are a lot, and many of them come in different colours. We chose this Parisienne theme because there’s something of a travel them for our wedding, and we are going to Paris on honeymoon [after Prague and Provence].

You can upload pictures, and guests can do the same. They can also type a “toast” to the couple and upload it.

And how do you decide who gets access? Well, on the Appy Couple site you get an address book. You can sync the app with your Apple contacts, Google, Facebook- the works. Then when you start typing a wedding guests’s name it will auto-complete it, automatically add their email address, and store them as  guest. Once you’re done setting up the app you can select to send an email to all guests [you can specify if you’d like to invite them to only the reception or ceremony, or both] notifying them of the app- how it works, where to download it, and what the password is. You can personalise your security settings completely, to ensure you don’t have gate crashers on the app, or on the day!

You can also include pictures with your story- how you met, how [s]he proposed, and a little bit about the bride and groom as people.

You can give details about the wedding day. Create “events” for things like the ceremony, the reception, the engagement party, etc. And then add details like mood pictures, palette, directions, where to park, where to stay, the weather, and anything else you might want to include like details about child care, dress code, and the significance of the venue.

There’s also a section detailing your wedding registry [more on that later], as well as Key People. This is tonnes of fun. I created one for bridesmaids, groomsmen, and family. You can add them via Facebook, you can upload a picture, and list what their role is and how they fit into your life. We had a blast talking about how we met each person, what we’ve been through with them, and what they are like.

Hoorah for the modern wedding! Too much fun for words.