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Shoes: Check

14 May

Shoes are, for me, a VERY important part of the wedding. I would sooner walk down the aisle naked, with Jimmy Choos, than getting married in terrible shoes.

Okay, not really… but you get the point!

Anyway, finding shoes took a while. Well, a few weeks. But I have no patience so it seemed like a lifetime.

My first choice was Louboutin, but if you’re dropping that much money on footwear, online shopping is scary! And truth be told, I hardly ever like the shoes in designers’ wedding ranges. No chance I’ll get married in white shoes- ew! I wanted something sparkly, or colourful.

Like everything else, it worked out perfectly. The Louboutin variety in South Africa is slim, but the perfect pair arrived! They were sent to Apsley 2 in the V&A Waterfront for me to try out, and I fell in love.

Had to show off the red sole, of course.

The silk was cut from one giant piece, so all the shoes are slightly different, which I love! Perfect for a spring wedding, no?

I love them! They are absolutely perfect and beautiful. Like art.

I am definitely taking these trotting around Paris for our honeymoon. They deserve it!

I stumbled across this video on my dear friends Marc and Sinead’s wedding blog, and even though Toms are not my vibe, this video is just too sweet not to share!


We’re Going On Honeymoon!

2 May

Oh yes!

Just when you thought getting married is all about lace and roses, I am here to remind you of a very exciting component of our imminent matrimony: the honeymoon!

Yesterday was put aside for honeymoon “stuff”. I figured we’d go to a travel agent and start discussing the millions of flight options, and work out just how much of a fortune it was going to cost, and then put aside the next few weeks to decide which options would be best…

But somehow, everything worked out perfectly.

We got flights on the dates we wanted, from Durban to Prague, Prague to Marseilles [from where we will be going to Menerbes for a week in Provence], and finally from Paris [where we will be spending our last few days] back to Cape Town.

And they were a pretty decent price, too. So I actually bought the tickets there and then. Whoosh! Just like that! It was very thrilling.

And even more thrilling- the epic adventure that awaits us!

Prague. Provence. Paris.


More on this later. Meanwhile, here’s a video on Prague’s lesser-known must-see places, as told by a local.

Cannot wait!

Daily French

17 Mar

Luke gave us a lift to the airport last week, and this was dangling from his rearview mirror:

Like an abstract, modern glance of the Eiffel Tower.

Daily French: Vuitton

13 Mar

Another Louis Vuitton post. But it’s only mainly because we will be staying in his house when we go to France! 

As I mentioned before, the world is simply dropping French “things” [news, pictures, and other internet gems] into my virtual lap daily. Today I read this post on Marieclairvoyant about how Louis Vuitton started.

See, LV luggage today may cost as much as a deposit on a house, but back in the day [19th century] the trunks were made from waterproof waxed canvas! They were pretty functional, rather than amazingly luxurious as they are today.

There’s an exhibition in Paris happening from next month until 16 September on the brand’s history through the decades. I am, unfortunately, going to miss it by about a fortnight. But it is still pretty great, and promises to be very interesting. So, if you’re in Paris, please go, and send pictures, and make me jealous.


Daily French: Claire Thomson Jonville

12 Mar

Found this via Kiss, Blush, and Tell. 

Claire is the managing editor of Self Service magazine.

Her life is quite enviable.

Well, I don’t know that, I guess.

But what I do know is I want her job, apartment, and stuff…

Anyone reading this blog have a spare job lying around in Paris?

I’ll take it.

Images via here.

Daily French: Vuitton

9 Mar

Since we are going to be staying in a house that belongs to Louis Vuitton’s family in Provence in October, I thought it only fitting that today’s France-related post should be some of his Fall 2012 collection, as seen at Paris Fashion Week.

That coat on the right! And the shoes!

The shoes and pants on the left, the skirt and sunglasses on the right.

That jacket in the middle! Oh my!

All of the coats!

I would sell my life rights for this coat.

Apparently the house we’re renting is full of Vuitton trunks from decades ago, which they use to store stuff. I know, right?

Images via T Lo.

Daily French: La Cuisine

8 Mar

The day I moved to Paris, I wept. I was 11 years old and full of preteen angst. My new bedroom, with its elegant moldings and deep marble fireplace, held for me none of the comfort of my old bedroom in New York City, which I’d painted a hideous lilac and covered with horse posters. I found no solace, either, in the fact that my new room had once belonged to the writer George Sand. My parents were mystified by my distress but had the good sense to suggest a walk down our new street, the Rue du Cherche-Midi, to the legendary Boulangerie Poilâne. Near the cash register, I noticed a basket of butter cookies; the cashier said rather encouragingly, “Je vous en prie, Mademoiselle” (“Go ahead, Miss”). So I took one. It was a simple cookie—just a bite of pure French butter with a hint of sugar and a slightly sandy crunch—but no less a revelation for that. Delicate but sturdy, with almost burnt edges: a cookie with no pretensions, but made by a master. In a nice ironic twist, the cookies were called punitions—punishments. My homesickness ended with my very first bite.”

-Aleksandra Crapanzano, Saveur

Photo: Jacques Faujour

Reading that has made me so excited to go to Paris, to eat good food, to really love my food, to spend days finding hidden coffee shops and small bistros. With the love of my life, of course.