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Weekend in Jo’burg in Pictures

26 Jun

Last week Thursday I flew up to Jo’burg for a work-related event, and decided to stay for the full weekend to catch up with family and friends, and deliver some of our wedding invitations to our Jo’burg guests.

Thursday night: Wine with the GBF, @simongerber, at Piza e Vino at The Zone. Much needed after a loooong day. PS. How much do we LOVE his Gryffindor scarf? I would totes be in Gryffindor or Slytherin. You?

Followed by sushi and more wine [and some bubbly] at Future Sister-in-Law’s place for an “invitation party”.

Everyone pitched in with tying, folding, assembling, cutting, closing, stamping, painting, and everything else!

Friday: More invitation making

And in between work and madness, delivering the finished product. And after yet another incredibly long day, drinks with friends! @XandervdMerwe, plus his chickita.

Saturday: coffee in bed and doggies as hot water bottles. A facial at the salon after visiting family.

A braai with The Gays. I was the only female, and only straight person. 11 gay men. 1 straight woman. Only person without Lady Gaga tickets [guess who].

Then went to a gay club. The lesbians were mean to me. There were shirtless men dancing on the stage. The gays were wonderful. Body shots happened. Of course.

Sunday: After too little sleep and the GBF once missing the train and then almost missing it a second time- tea with the girls. @Mpum_mpum [bridesmaid] and @_Dame_. Both fabulous school friends.

Overate. Poached eggs with mushrooms, tomato, and a huge ciabatta. Most amazing croissant ever. Macarons. Coffees.

And finally, after more invitation deliveries, family catch-ups, and madness, a flight back home. Delayed by an hour and a half, to land after 11pm. But still. Back in Cape Town with my love.


Shoes: Check

14 May

Shoes are, for me, a VERY important part of the wedding. I would sooner walk down the aisle naked, with Jimmy Choos, than getting married in terrible shoes.

Okay, not really… but you get the point!

Anyway, finding shoes took a while. Well, a few weeks. But I have no patience so it seemed like a lifetime.

My first choice was Louboutin, but if you’re dropping that much money on footwear, online shopping is scary! And truth be told, I hardly ever like the shoes in designers’ wedding ranges. No chance I’ll get married in white shoes- ew! I wanted something sparkly, or colourful.

Like everything else, it worked out perfectly. The Louboutin variety in South Africa is slim, but the perfect pair arrived! They were sent to Apsley 2 in the V&A Waterfront for me to try out, and I fell in love.

Had to show off the red sole, of course.

The silk was cut from one giant piece, so all the shoes are slightly different, which I love! Perfect for a spring wedding, no?

I love them! They are absolutely perfect and beautiful. Like art.

I am definitely taking these trotting around Paris for our honeymoon. They deserve it!

I stumbled across this video on my dear friends Marc and Sinead’s wedding blog, and even though Toms are not my vibe, this video is just too sweet not to share!

Engagement Shoot Photos

8 May

Our engagement shoot pictures arrived yesterday! So very exciting. I couldn’t possibly post them all on here as there are over 100 photographs, but I tried very hard to pick some of my favourites to share on our little blog.

The shoot kicked off at Wolves Cafe in Illovo, which is one of my favourite places to meet friends in Jo’burg. They make incredible red velvet cupcakes and serve my favourite craft beer, Steph Weiss. Their sandwiches are also worth a nom, as is the Excuse Me, Sir, There’s a Moustache in My Hot Chocolate hot chocolate.

We also shot in Braamfontein, and at Zoo Lake. These are all on the list of our favourite Jo’burg places.

Thank you so much to our very talented friend Xander van der Merwe for shooting these. You are brilliant!

Engagement Party #2: Johannesburg

27 Apr

Last weekend we had our second of three engagement parties. 

It was absolutely fabulous. I picked SC up at the airport in the morning and we spent the afternoon doing our engagement shoot.

From there we went to The Westcliff, which is without doubt our favourite Jo’burg venue. It’s a regular high tea spot for us. And the party was absolutely fabulous. We had the Summer Terrace all to ourselves. The service was excellent throughout the night, we served Boschendal MCC upon arrival, and we had delicious platters from the hotel itself. Everyone looked stunning and I have to say it was super successful. The weather to begin with was gorgeous- not too cold, not windy, and not raining. At some point it started to rain and we moved inside to the Polo Lounge. The night ended with a handful of us drinking Jägerbombs under the heaters outside [smokers gotta smoke, etc], the bar closing and all of us leaving after midnight, happy after a wonderful night.

Beautiful Jo’burg, I miss you so.

My dashing fiancé!

Chatting and drinking with our guests.

My sister, me, and my mum.

Me with friends Mpumi, Dalton, Kat, and Marius.

SC and I with my dad and my stepmum, Lanie.

SC and me with Nkuli.

SC with his sisters, Jess and Ashleigh.

Future Father-In-Law with Future-Brother-In-Law in law… Or something like that…

SC and I are so, so very lucky to have the friends and family that we do.

Engagement Shoot: Behind the Scenes

23 Apr

I am going to be very honest with you…

I am not sure what the point of an engagement shoot is. Unless, of course, you are using the photographs for stationery. But most people don’t. But everyone these days does an engagement shoot. It is the done thing.

So, I actually don’t know why people do them. What I do know, however, is that they are great. I mean, who would say no to having fabulous pictures of themselves and their spouse-to-be? You hire a professional, get dressed more fabulously than you normally would for a park/city street/beach/vintage car, use cute props like hats and umbrellas that would normally look ridiculous, and you smile like you’re on loon tablets because being engaged is without doubt the happiest time of your life!

Sounds good to me.

So, this weekend, we did our engagement shoot. We shot it in Jo’burg with the very talented Xander van der Merwe.

Some of the pictures will be posted once they’ve been edited and all that fancy picture stuff. For now, here are some behind the scenes shots, and one times very excited bride-to-be posting to let you know that she cannot wait to see the photographs!

Another Engagement Party

19 Apr

As mentioned previously, we are having not one, not two, but three engagement parties!

And it’s almost time for the second one.

We’re doing the total opposite of the first one.

Instead of bare feet and bunny chows on the beach, this weekend is all about bubbly, cocktail dress, and general fabulosity at our favourite fancy pants hotel.

Fabulous! Can’t wait.

Invites by the wonderful Ashleigh Rodda. We love her.

The Weekend That Was: Sunday at the dairy farm

17 Mar

Wowee, what a week! I am exhausted, and the crazy days behind me are why I’ve been so late with this post.


For round two of introducing the parents to the parents, we went to Irene Dairy Farm for brunch with my mum and Simon’s family.

For round three of our food  comas, we ate a little bit of everything there, basically.

My mum is most wonderful, and it was great seeing her!

After breakfast we went for a quick walk around the farm.

It’s kinda of lovely being able to escape the city, while you’re still in the city.

And it was lovely being able to introduce my mum to his family, and that everyone got along.

And after the cows came home we figured we should probably get going…

For cake and beer with Kat and her new man, Marius, at Wolves.

So much food. So much love for this weekend.