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Engagement Party 3: Cape Town

16 May

In all the wedding madness, we nearly forgot to post about our third [and final] engagement party. This one was in our town of residence [Cape Town]. Much like with the other two cities we wanted to host a party that embodied the city’s vibe. Durban was barefoot on the beach, Jo’burg was a fancy pants hotel with champagne, and Cape Town was to be on a roof top. With drinks and snacks and good friends, of course.

Now the difference here is that the other two were not organised entirely by us. We had the help of family and friends, and hotel staff.

This time, we did everything ourselves. We guesstimated our catering requirements and, happily, over-catered completely.

True to Cape Town form the weather was overcast, windy, chilly, and threatening to rain. But it was a great night nonetheless!

We had some pizzas and the usual drinks- wine, beer, whiskey, brandy. The kind folk over at Smirnoff sent us a heap of amazing goodies to use, too. Besides for useful party paraphernalia like ice buckets and glasses and a cooler bag, they sent us their new pre-mixed range. We got vodka and cranberry [Cosmopolitan, basically], and vodka and orange [Singapore sling, basically]. This really is a much quicker, easier alternative to cocktails. I mean, if you’re inviting someone over for a braai, they probably don’t really care about fruit pulp and wedges and slices and things. They just want a drink, with alcohol, that tastes good. So these were perfect. Pour, and serve. Easy, delicious, and alcoholic. Perfect for a party.

Later in the evening we lit some fires, and once it got really chilly the few people remaining joined us downstairs, inside, for some cigars and more vodka.

Huge thanks to Stef, Chris, and K for letting us their apartment, rooftop, and stuff. They made it all possible. Huge thanks also to Smirnoff for providing the drinks and snacks. You guys rock.

All in all, a great night! Although I have to say we were relieved to see the end of the engagement parties. Now to focus on the actual wedding!