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25 Things I Learnt In Almost 25 Years of Living

5 Aug
  1. Quality trumps quantity.
  2. Clutter is not good for you. Whether it’s physical clutter in your home, or people you don’t need in your life, a regular spring clean is great for your soul.
  3. Good skin and good eyebrows are NB. Get these two right and you’ll solve many a make-up woe, and you won’t have to wear nearly as much of it.
  4. “Skinny arms are everything.” -Natalie Roos
  5. There’s no substitute for hard work. You can have all the best ideas, and all the talent, but without hard work people are going to overtake you at some point. Learn not to rely on your natural gifts as much, because it can make you lazy.
  6. There are only two things that cost money that make you richer: books and travel.
  7. Speak up, always. Even if it’s your boss, your new lover’s parent, or someone famous or important, I feel it’s important to speak up. I don’t mean insult their ugly shoes or tell them their face sucks. But if someone is being a racist, sexist, bigot, or general douchebag, speak up. Maybe, just maybe, you will plant a seed and that person will start to rethink their attitudes.
  8. The fear and anticipation of pain is often far worse than the pain itself.
  9. Animals are therapy.
  10. You need to rid yourself of the people you don’t need in life. I’m not saying treat people as though they are disposable razors. But sometimes we hold on to people because we’ve known them for too long, or they’re linked to someone else in our life, etc. And we forgive them over and over and over for the things they do that hurt us, anger us, or break us down. It’s not an easy decision to make, but there are times where you need to decide that enough is enough, and cut those people out of your life.
  11. Not everyone has amazing close-knit families who share everything, or a place they’ve always called home. And that’s okay! Because if someday you start your own family, or find where you belong, nothing will beat that feeling. And if you don’t? Well, that’s okay, too, because not everyone needs to have the same stuff.
  12. If you have something important or difficult to say, say it first thing in the morning.
  13. Things happen for a reason. You might have no idea what that reason is in the moment, but eventually it will become clear.
  14. There’s no better feeling than being healthy and happy.
  15. Peplums are not for everyone.
  16. Comparison will make you miserable. Especially in the  age of social media and the internet, you are constantly surrounded by pictures of strangers’ perfect lives. Firstly, people only put the good stuff online. Secondly, for every spoilt brat who had more Louis Vuitton bags than you, there are millions of people who wish they could have the basic stuff you have. Stop comparing yourself to other people, make a list of the things for which you are grateful every day, take control of the things that you don’t like about your life [or make peace with them if they can’t be changed] and be the best, happiest you you can be.
  17. Keep a journal. Even if it’s only to laugh at yourself, or see how far you’ve come.
  18. You don’t need to live by a bucket list. We are often made aware of the amazing things people want to do before they die, and I think we start to believe we haven’t lived unless we’ve been to space and flipping cured cancer. Personally, I don’t want to bungee jump, make an art film, own a vegan lodge in Bhutan, or fly a fighter jet. Not that there aren’t things I want to do in my life. All I’m saying is you don’t have to live by some insane bucket list of things the world has given you the idea you “should” do. Maybe your bucket list is 100 movies you want to watch. At home, on your couch. You watch those movies! And don’t feel like that was a life any less lived than that dude your friend knows who got his foot bitten off by a shark.
  19. Quotes are rubbish. The people in my social media feeds who post inspirational quotes about spirituality and all that deep stuff are some of the people who are least at peace with themselves. Pretty words from Oprah or Chopra are not the key to a fulfilled life. Make your own quotes.
  20. There are only two things in life that are perfect: Mathematics; and classical music.
  21. The best time to take risks and chase that dream of yours is right now. Even if it’s just taking the teensy little first step, our of a billion, stop not doing the thing!
  22. There’s a lot to be said for small pleasures. A perfect cup of tea, a good laugh, a warm bed: The happiness they bring about may be short-lived, but it’s very satisfying. And sometimes it’s enough to turn a bad day into a kind-of-okay one.
  23. Look after your skin. Hair is whatever: You could pretty much singe it off with bleach, and it’ll grow back. Skin won’t. Invest in quality skincare from a young age, and wear SPF. You absolutely will not regret this when you’re older.
  24. Surround yourself with inspiring people. It’s all good having people be complimentary about your achievements, but you need to also have those super people who make you give yourself a kick in the butt. Don’t get comfortable.
  25. Everything is temporary. I’m only 24, so I’m aware that I don’t know much. But so far, almost 25 years into being alive, I can confidently say that nothing is permanent. Broken hearts heal, and the big disappointment you think you’ll never get over fades into the background, sometimes making way for better things. Do take your time to feel all the feels, but remember that whatever you’re going through won’t last forever.

Meet Keri Miller, World’s Most Awesomest Personal Trainer Ever In the World Ever

11 Jul

A few weeks ago, we got a personal trainer. Her name is Keri, and she’s awesome. We actually knew her from before, but then we somehow got onto the topic of personal training on Twitter, and boom! Keri became my trainer. And then she came up with the genius idea of training both of us! Right? Like, couples’ personal training! I know, we’re sickening.

So far we’ve been for 3 sessions. We go on Mondays and Thursdays at 18h30 [after Keri is done being a celebrity on the radio!] for an hour. Our first two sessions were introductions to the kind of workout we would be doing. I say “introduction”, but they were full-on killer workouts that had my muscles stiff for 2-3 days after. The first session included goals, and questions about your health and lifestyle, weighing, body fat percentage, measurements, and all that uncomfortable stuff. The third one was a fitness, which nearly killed us.

These sessions have been really amazing so far. I’m pretty lucky in that I have always been naturally slim, but because of that I never “needed” to do sport, exercise, or learn anything about nutrition. I just stayed tiny. I’ve learnt a lot about nutrition in the last year or two and I’ve started to eat more and more healthy. Thin does not necessarily equal healthy! Even a healthy body mass does not necessarily mean you’re all that healthy. Moreover, just because I’m small doesn’t mean I’m in good shape. While, being a size 2 [not quite zero, but hey] I may look very good in clothes [I’m trying not to sound arrogant here], my body doesn’t look that great in a swimsuit [for example] because I’m actually not in very good shape.

So this journey of training until our wedding [and continuing thereafter!] will definitely teach us a lot about our bodies, nutrition strength, and more. It will make us fitter, healthier, and stronger. It will make us look better, too! Which is, in truth, just an added bonus.

We’ve taken “before” pictures and I must say I was horrified. Sure, it was taken after a huge meal and in terribly unflattering fluorescent light, but my body looked awful! But this has only made me more determined to work damn hard with Keri at One80 Training. We’ll only be posting these before pictures once we have some “afters” to show with them, though.

It’s only been just over a week, but it feels great. Sure, it’s kind of painful, and sometimes during a workout you might feel slightly ill, but is there anything better than that feeling that your body really worked? Nope, not really. I’m looking forward to getting in tip-top shape by September.

For more One 80, check out their website, “like” their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter.

A Little Jog Up Signal Hill

8 Feb

We really aren’t the fitness freaks this blog suggests sometimes…

But we went for a jog yesterday after work that was fairly brag-worthy.

We started at the Lion’s Head parking area and jogged to the top of Signal Hill.

It isn’t impossibly difficult, but a nice little challenge (especially for someone who hates hills).

That’s Lion’s Head behind me. It was packed because everyone wanted to go on a full moon hike.

I am reminded of how wonderful it is to be with someone with whom I can be healthy and active.

Once we reached the top we stopped for a minute or two to take pictures (and dodge tourists).

And take in the amazing ocean view, of course.

And then we jogged back, which was pleasant. Cooler, and downhill.

We really do live in a very beautiful city.

No wonder SC was having such a field day with his new iPhone photo app! (He took most of these pictures).

I mean, it is ridiculously great to look at.

Afternoon Run on the Promenade

26 Jan

Being the healthy living couple that we are, yesterday we went for a run on the promenade after work

We're lucky, living in Cape Town. The views are great

It was perhaps a little hot for a run, but enjoyable nonetheless


And I love being with someone who is willing to exercise with me, and willing to slow down when I'm struggling

And yes, we were running and taking pictures 😉

And there is always something interesting to see