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Walking to Work in Cape Town

7 Sep

Walked to work for the first time on Monday. COuldn’t do so on Tuesday as had a dress fitting which I had to drive to during lunch, nor Wednesday or Thursday as was in Jo’burg, but did so again today.

The walk is beautiful, quick, and a lovely way to start the day. The weather has also played along beautifully today [not so much Monday and v nearly froze to death].




Wearing flat shoes has never excited me so much!


The Weekend That Was

18 Jun

Sometimes, weekends don’t have to be epic and insane to be blog-worthy.

Sometimes they’re just wonderful in the simple things. Like, a beautiful sunset on a Friday evening.

Followed by a little bit of Jack Daniel’s honey whiskey…

Ambling along Long Street for vintage books and other finds.

Great food all weekend. From delicious coffee, to mezze platters at home, to ostrich burgers… Mmm mmm MMM!

Successful shopoing trips. Acquisitions: black pumps [I am saving money for shopping in Paris but my black flats are falling apart!]; perfume for wedding [my 100ml bottle of Angel is too big to lug around]; SC’s wedding ring, from Shimansky.

Church, cuddles, good movies, coffee, tea, writing, planning…

Ah, life is wonderful, even when it’s kind of plain!

Shoes: Check

14 May

Shoes are, for me, a VERY important part of the wedding. I would sooner walk down the aisle naked, with Jimmy Choos, than getting married in terrible shoes.

Okay, not really… but you get the point!

Anyway, finding shoes took a while. Well, a few weeks. But I have no patience so it seemed like a lifetime.

My first choice was Louboutin, but if you’re dropping that much money on footwear, online shopping is scary! And truth be told, I hardly ever like the shoes in designers’ wedding ranges. No chance I’ll get married in white shoes- ew! I wanted something sparkly, or colourful.

Like everything else, it worked out perfectly. The Louboutin variety in South Africa is slim, but the perfect pair arrived! They were sent to Apsley 2 in the V&A Waterfront for me to try out, and I fell in love.

Had to show off the red sole, of course.

The silk was cut from one giant piece, so all the shoes are slightly different, which I love! Perfect for a spring wedding, no?

I love them! They are absolutely perfect and beautiful. Like art.

I am definitely taking these trotting around Paris for our honeymoon. They deserve it!

I stumbled across this video on my dear friends Marc and Sinead’s wedding blog, and even though Toms are not my vibe, this video is just too sweet not to share!