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These are a few of my favourite things!

5 Feb


Louis Vuitton, and Paris.

See you in September, Paris. Can’t wait.


Prague in 100 Days!

17 Jun

So, when the wedding planning gets really busy and things seem kind of overwhelming, it helps to take a step back and look at the amazing journey of marriage itself, rather than “having a wedding”. It helps to look at exciting things like moving in together and seeing friends from afar, or counting blessings like how awesome our families have been throughout all of this.

But it also helps to take some time out to lust over your honeymoon destination.

Our first destination [of 3]: Prague.

I look forward to crossing bridges that are from fairytales…

Walking the golden glow of fairytale streets at night with my love.

Visiting fairytale buildings.

Skipping down fairytale cobbled streets while holding hands and singing.

And generally live in a fairytale land of beauty, and beer. And Czech pastries!

I love the idea of exploring a city, and taking things as they come, rather than being part of a tour group for the duration of the trip. Also the idea of finding magical little spots that aren’t tourists nests. In Cape Town, for example, I love so many places [and go to them regularly] and none of them are typical touristy spots. Which is why this video is an absolute gem- the idea of this travel [web] TV is that the crew follows a local, who shows them around the city itself, not just its tourist attractions. Secret garden, great food, and pubs with good beer and friendly locals? Yes please!

Ring Pillows For The Wedding

14 Jun

In some ways, I’m very traditional, in others… not so much!

Ring pillows are not my favourite thing. I just find them kind of kitsch and granny ish, personally. I mean, I cannot imagine my diamond wedding band coming down the aisle on this:

When you Google “ugly ring pillow” and “ring pillow” the image results are much the same/ #imjustsayin

The alternatives to a ring pillow range from kitsch [animals being the ring bearers, little wooden nests] to sweet ideas like:

Fabric flowers.


Initialed wood.

But by far the alternative that has spoken to me the most is this one:

This is just perfect for us! Firstly, the lace and twine go with our soft, romantic, vintage-style spring wedding. It also ties in nicely with our literary centrepieces! It’s pretty [very important], and most importantly it includes a Bible, which is at the very centre of our relationship.

So, my maid of honour will be walking down the aisle with this, instead of flowers.

I can’t wait.

Images [mostly] from Pinterest.

Wedding Nails?

14 Jun

Call me crazy, but I’m not keen to go for a French manicure on my wedding day. They’re very pretty and classy, but when they’re one with fake nails they look pretty trashy in my opinion. But without the fake nails and gel/acrylic, a straightforward nail polish French mani is just so finicky! I generally keep my nails not-too-long, so I thought I’d rather paint them a soft, pretty colour. And this colour would definitely be either Dior or Chanel. These are my favourite nail polishes- they have the best colour, the application is smooth, and Dior especially dries super duper fast. Perfect!

A soft grey, perhaps? Unusual, but pretty!

Something a bit more summery.

Wedding perfect.

Perfect for a spring wedding.

I stumbled upon this Chanel Le Vernis video recently. It’s a nail [and nail varnish] cabaret! I really am liking Jade Rose here. But this video is just something fun and silly to love about a very serious, legendary brand.

Chapel: Check

13 Jun

It has been my dream for many years to someday get married in my school chapel.

I went to St Anne’s Diocesan College for Girls in Hilton, KwaZulu Natal. Boarding school was some of the best years of my life, and this absolutely beautiful campus brings back amazing memories. My future daughters will go to St Anne’s, and I hope that attending this school will become a tradition that is carried over from generation to generation, starting with me.

SC, being the clever lad that he is, booked the school chapel [and thus, our wedding date] before he proposed! This was such an amazing detail that made it all even more special. And while we haven’t decided on the details of hymns and reading and chapel flowers, I thought I’d post some pictures of this Herbert Baker beauty, built around 1904, to show why I wanted to get married in this beautiful chapel.

The pews face inwards rather than forwards.

This is a fairly recent addition to the chapel, added when they extended it slightly.

The area behind the altar has French doors all around, which open up to the gorgeous front lawn.

Outside the foyer and dining room.

The less decorative exterior of the back of the chapel.

There are stained glass windows of Jesus, Mary, and the saints.

The school has been so accommodating, and I just cannot wait to get married in this beautiful chapel of the place that I called home for five years.

Table Decorations for the Wedding

8 Jun

With less than four months to go, it’s time to start thinking seriously about details. Table decorations is one of them.

Originally the idea was slightly different, but this week I came up with a new idea and since then the wedding theme seems to have gone in a slightly more vintage, romantic direction. Which, in my opinion, is perfect for a spring wedding!

Because our venue is quite busy, we wanted the table decorations to be fairly simple, flower-wise. So half the tables will have glass vases [one on each table] filled with baby’s breath. Yup, just baby’s breath. Which I love. Maybe a candle stick or two.


On the rest of the tables, we are going to have bell jars on mirrors, and filled with pretty, vintage-inspired things.

Things like, for example, a small stack of vintage books, tied together with lace.

And on top of the vintage Shakespeare, a vintage teacup filled with roses.

Or, maybe even a teapot?

Or, if neither of those works, a pretty silver bowl instead…

Maybe some pearls scattered about?

Well, that’s the basic idea! Vintage spring wedding, here we come!


Shoes: Check

14 May

Shoes are, for me, a VERY important part of the wedding. I would sooner walk down the aisle naked, with Jimmy Choos, than getting married in terrible shoes.

Okay, not really… but you get the point!

Anyway, finding shoes took a while. Well, a few weeks. But I have no patience so it seemed like a lifetime.

My first choice was Louboutin, but if you’re dropping that much money on footwear, online shopping is scary! And truth be told, I hardly ever like the shoes in designers’ wedding ranges. No chance I’ll get married in white shoes- ew! I wanted something sparkly, or colourful.

Like everything else, it worked out perfectly. The Louboutin variety in South Africa is slim, but the perfect pair arrived! They were sent to Apsley 2 in the V&A Waterfront for me to try out, and I fell in love.

Had to show off the red sole, of course.

The silk was cut from one giant piece, so all the shoes are slightly different, which I love! Perfect for a spring wedding, no?

I love them! They are absolutely perfect and beautiful. Like art.

I am definitely taking these trotting around Paris for our honeymoon. They deserve it!

I stumbled across this video on my dear friends Marc and Sinead’s wedding blog, and even though Toms are not my vibe, this video is just too sweet not to share!