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Things I Want RIGHT NOW [Or Sometime During The Next Few Years Of My Life]

13 Jul

1. These bowls. We have a couple’s personal trainer. Nothing is too cheesy for us!

2. These porcelain cactuses. I recently managed to kill a cactus [well, an aloe, but whatever]. Dead. Like, a lump of black and brown deadness in its tiny terracotta coffin pot. So I would like these. They’re pretty, anyway. And they will never die!

3. Box sets of the following movies/shows from my childhood: She-Ra; My Little Pony [the vintage kind, not these new skinny things with diamante eyeballs!]; Care Bears; and Rainbow Bright [who is totes my alter ego]. I would die of happiness if I received one of those periodically over the next decade. I have no idea what suddenly made me all nostalgic [probably the fact that Rascals are coming back], but all I want right now is to cuddle up with toasted cheese sarmies and hot chocolate and watch all of these.


Ring Pillows For The Wedding

14 Jun

In some ways, I’m very traditional, in others… not so much!

Ring pillows are not my favourite thing. I just find them kind of kitsch and granny ish, personally. I mean, I cannot imagine my diamond wedding band coming down the aisle on this:

When you Google “ugly ring pillow” and “ring pillow” the image results are much the same/ #imjustsayin

The alternatives to a ring pillow range from kitsch [animals being the ring bearers, little wooden nests] to sweet ideas like:

Fabric flowers.


Initialed wood.

But by far the alternative that has spoken to me the most is this one:

This is just perfect for us! Firstly, the lace and twine go with our soft, romantic, vintage-style spring wedding. It also ties in nicely with our literary centrepieces! It’s pretty [very important], and most importantly it includes a Bible, which is at the very centre of our relationship.

So, my maid of honour will be walking down the aisle with this, instead of flowers.

I can’t wait.

Images [mostly] from Pinterest.

Table Decorations for the Wedding

8 Jun

With less than four months to go, it’s time to start thinking seriously about details. Table decorations is one of them.

Originally the idea was slightly different, but this week I came up with a new idea and since then the wedding theme seems to have gone in a slightly more vintage, romantic direction. Which, in my opinion, is perfect for a spring wedding!

Because our venue is quite busy, we wanted the table decorations to be fairly simple, flower-wise. So half the tables will have glass vases [one on each table] filled with baby’s breath. Yup, just baby’s breath. Which I love. Maybe a candle stick or two.


On the rest of the tables, we are going to have bell jars on mirrors, and filled with pretty, vintage-inspired things.

Things like, for example, a small stack of vintage books, tied together with lace.

And on top of the vintage Shakespeare, a vintage teacup filled with roses.

Or, maybe even a teapot?

Or, if neither of those works, a pretty silver bowl instead…

Maybe some pearls scattered about?

Well, that’s the basic idea! Vintage spring wedding, here we come!