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The Weekend That Was

18 Jun

Sometimes, weekends don’t have to be epic and insane to be blog-worthy.

Sometimes they’re just wonderful in the simple things. Like, a beautiful sunset on a Friday evening.

Followed by a little bit of Jack Daniel’s honey whiskey…

Ambling along Long Street for vintage books and other finds.

Great food all weekend. From delicious coffee, to mezze platters at home, to ostrich burgers… Mmm mmm MMM!

Successful shopoing trips. Acquisitions: black pumps [I am saving money for shopping in Paris but my black flats are falling apart!]; perfume for wedding [my 100ml bottle of Angel is too big to lug around]; SC’s wedding ring, from Shimansky.

Church, cuddles, good movies, coffee, tea, writing, planning…

Ah, life is wonderful, even when it’s kind of plain!