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Surprise Weekend Getaway

27 Jun

A few weeks ago we had a long weekend here in South Africa. On Friday night we went to a gig and stayed out till 4am (when last?) and Saturday was spent having brunch with a friend, and chilling out to recover from the night before.

On Sunday morning SC suggested we go for coffee at Kirstenbosch. When he missed the offramp I was confused, and eventually he told me we were going for a picnic in Elgin.

Well past Elgin we stopped at a wine farm, Wildekrans. It’s about ten minutes from Hermanus. He stopped the car, saying he’s found a good picnic spot but I needed to help him with something. When we opened the boot, it was completely full, and turns out he had packed for a surprise weekend away!

SC packed not only an amazing picnic with French loaf, cheese, cured meat, strawberries, wine, and more, he also packed meat and veggies for a braai that night, coffee, tea, Lindt for dessert, and bacon and eggs for the next morning! On top of that he packed clothes for me, including a full and perfectly stylish outfit for the next day, toiletries, AND make-up. I mean!

After unpacking and marveling at our lovely rustic but comfortable cottage, we went for a walk. From the cottage you can see vineyards, fields full of sheep, and mountains. Walk five minutes and you get ocean views, too. Doesn’t get much better than that! We then settled down for a scrumptious picnic in the warm sun (cloudless sky, windless day- perfection). After a nap and a quick stop in Hermanus we made a big fire (there are tons of bonfire pits around for braaiing) and drank red wine as the sun set.

Braaiing was a treat in itself since we don’t have a braai at home. We ate outside on the porch with blankets wrapped around us, and afterwards we finished our wine by the fire, amazed at how many stars there are in the countryside.

The next day we woke up early to watch the sun rise with coffee from our porch, and went to Stanford for coffee with Robyn (we gate-crashed a family brunch because we’re hardcore like that) and then Thaya. We then headed to Hermanus for lunch which was a bit of a mission since everywhere has closed for winter. Toto, I don’t think we’re in Jo’burg any more!

Anyway eventually we had lunch at Oskar’s which had the bonus of being next door to my favorite book store ever, Hemingway’s. I picked up a gorgeous illustrated hardcover copy of The Wind in the Willows, and we celebrated with sort serve overlooking the cliffs and the ocean.

After a walk along coast we drove back during the most breathtaking sunset, ending off a perfect weekend.
I highly recommend Wildekrans as affordable accommodation is a gorgeous area, and I definitely recommend getting out of the city now and then for some quiet, fresh air, and down time.

Also, my husband is the BEST.

PS. These pics uploaded in reverse and jumbled-up order. Can I be arsed to fix that? Nope.














Skiing in Paris

14 Mar

Walking to Work in Cape Town

7 Sep

Walked to work for the first time on Monday. COuldn’t do so on Tuesday as had a dress fitting which I had to drive to during lunch, nor Wednesday or Thursday as was in Jo’burg, but did so again today.

The walk is beautiful, quick, and a lovely way to start the day. The weather has also played along beautifully today [not so much Monday and v nearly froze to death].




Wearing flat shoes has never excited me so much!

Hello, City Living!

7 Sep

On Saturday, I officially moved into our new place, and yesterday the registration went through officially and it now belongs to us. Hoorah! [Also got slapped with R800 bill for fridge fixing. Am officially a big person.]

The move was an easy two trips and although packing is also kind of tiring we’re about 97% unpacked and so far everything has been quite hassle-free. Obviously we will start to do handyman stuff and decorating and such after the honeymoon when SC moves in, but for now I am loving our new place beyond words!

It’s right in the city centre and super vibey without being annoyingly noisy. Our window looks onto beautiful old building and down onto St George’s Mall, a wide pedestrian-only street with shops, galleries, and restaurants. On Thursdays there’s the St George’s market, and we plan to meet there for lunch every week and buy fruit, vegetables, flowers, and whatever else is delicious or beautiful.

The best part is I get to WALK to work. I have wanted this for all my life and it makes me so so happy. I walk through Company’s Gardens so it’s all trees, runners, other walkers, and squirrels. And then I round the corner to walk by the national gallery and I get hit with beautiful Table Mountain in my face.

Here are some pics of the place, taken minutes after arriving. It came fully furnished so this is what it looks like before we get going on really making it our own.

Le kitchen. Also le frigo which was le broken.

View from the windows [to the right]. By estate agent standards this counts as “mountain views”.

Main bathroom. It has a light for the room, and then a special light just for the shower, which thrills me.

View from bedroom window [straight ahead].

St George’s Cathedral is right across the road and we can hear the church bells! Also v convenient for early morning prayer which I attend often during periods like Lent.

Le lounge.

State of fridge on Saturday. Later added sushi and beer.

Am officially so blessed and fortunate that I am just about jealous of myself.

30 Aug

A while ago we cooked what I dubbed to be the South African version of spaghetti and meatballs. It was delicious, and got me thinking that it would be great to do a range of international dishes with a South African twist. Milk tart crème brûlée, anyone?

This weekend, without specifically meaning to, we added another dish to the list.

We still need a proper name for it, but basically it was coq au vin, a l’Afrique du Sud. We followed Julia Child’s coq au vin recipe.

Instead of chicken we used guinea fowl from Frankie Fenner, which has a great taste [and does not just ‘taste like chicken’]. I’d never had it before, and I have to say I like the texture and taste. The skin is very fatty, though, and doesn’t crisp up like chicken. But I thought the guinea fowl was a delicious alternative for this dish!

Instead of bacon we used buffalo sausage, also from Frankie Fenner. Firm, and absolutely packed with flavour, I think this is a new favourite of mine. Absolute must-have for any meat and cheese platter!

And instead of cognac we used good ol’ brandy. We also used Wolftrap, since it is the red wine we will be serving at our wedding.

And just in case we weren’t feeling ‘local is lekker’ enough, we added some NoMU fond, since NoMU makes all food better.


The  result: an interesting, tasty dish which we devoured in one go, and slept off with a good two-hour Sunday afternoon nap. Nothing better.

Winter Warmers

2 Aug

Summer might be on its way, but it’s still proper chilly here in Cape Town. nothing better than some fun Pringle bobby socks to keep warm! I sleep in them, I wear them under jeans, over tights- almost every day, in any way. Love.

Cape Town Winter Sunrise

27 Jul

Pretty [albeit blurry] city.